ipad leapfrogs all

So lucky for me that Nook had production delivery problems. That just saved me $500. Now I’ll just wait for the ipad to come out.

On that note of products being late…that’s just a killer when it comes to generating sales and making business numbers. Designers should know this, but often don’t really assimilate the impact of being late and its consequences on the business.  What does that mean to the design process? Start earlier? So What? Better late than never?!

nook leapfrogs kindle

Ok, i want one of these…there was something about the kindle, that made me wonder if I should plunk down $300, uh ok, $250 (since the intro of nook).  I was unsure when I wrote about this a while back and am now certain, that i won’t buy a kindle.


For now, until i can go to Barnes and Noble to buy one, my thoughts based on what i’ve read on the web and what i can see in pics:

Look: winner Nook – ok the Nook is nice and clean, not a stunning design, the Kindle 2…pretty darn bland, i can see the braun/rams/bauhaus inspiration, but, still just too plain. And the original Kindle, well honestly, that thing was pretty ugly, I mean, look at that keyboard.


Technology: winner Nook – dual screens, gotta love it
UI: winner Nook – jury out, but the potential of, the dual screens!
Experience – Nook – bring it to a Barnes and Noble and read stuff for free. Phyigital Reality, making digital things act like real life things
Cool Factor: Nook


Say what? huh?

In Japan, keeping your ears free from wax is serious business. I saw this in Engadget and had to laugh.

It says, “Though it’s not really a common topic of dinner conversation in the States — “Who’s been cleaning your ears at Yale, Son?” — the Japanese have a certain fondness for the act of ear cleaning.”” If you havent figured it out, its an ear pick with a mini scope so you can see all the amber goo in your ear!

The reason this is so funny is that a friend told me a story of her first trip to Japan. She brought back these really cute figurines on the end of a sticks. She thougth, wow look at all these cool characters, so she bought a bunch to bring home. Little did she know, she was buying ear picks! She showed them to me and when I told her what they were used for, she got grossed out and had that 🙁 look on her face. She got over it and kept her ear picks, I just wonder if she’s using them for ear cleaning or something else. Be careful of what you buy overseas, I guess it could have been something more embarrasing.

Razr tech

This post is a response to a debate about the Razr antenna location. Here’s my educated guess.

The parts shown at the top are listed as the antenna cover and the antenna itself is assembled in the same space over the speaker assembly. These parts are from CNN as the links show. The external antenna connector would seem to confirm that the antenna is located down at the bottom of the phone and not the top.

The antenna is down low, just another reason why this phone is so different from the rest.