Time Warp: April 1999


A look back years ago to see what was going on.  I’ll pick out what I feel got Stuck in Time, good or bad design that was clearly of the moment.  Ahead of Time will be a look at something that had brought some insight to the future and finally, the Test of Time will soon be design classics, at least imho.


Stuck in time: Apple blue G3, man those colors…



Ahead of time: Give Kodak credit for going green on this recyclable camera, BUT
Stuck in time: this design got hit with the ugly stick.



Test of Time: Knifes, the dots are a bit stuck, and the colors are more neutral than they look above, but I’d be happy to pull one of those knives out of my pocket today.



Ahead of time: This aesthetic for the mini home was definitely ahead.  It looks like it could have come out of Dwell magazine last year.

From ID Magazine, April 1999.

Feature Creep

Does everyone need a camera in phone?

Who would use a voice recorder in their mp3 player?

Do I really need a FM player when i have 30,000 songs my mp3 player?

Do I want to listen to music with my mp3 enabled coffee maker?

I believe “de-featured” products, like the phones from Firefly and Emporia for seniors and kids are great solutions that FOCUS on what people need.

The Swiss army design approach can work for some things, like Swiss army knifes.