why so deep?

strategic design

cultural invention

experience design

meaningful experiences

design thinking

business design

design for business

service design

world design centers, california, london, tokyo, silicon alley, etc.

design research

human centered design

humanizing technology

changing people’s behaviour

changing the way people see the world

analysis paralysis

what ever happened to the simple pleasures, passion and beauty that good old fashioned design brings?

Designers rejoice!

Windows on a Mac, you knew this had to happen! BOOTCAMP For most die hards Mac users, this won’t matter since most microsoft apps run well if not better on a mac, (expect powerpoint). But me, i can’t wait, pc games, a few weird, but good windows apps, oh yeah, say goodbye to my PC!

[add 4/11] Some friends of mine are going to try running Alias on a Mac, will let you know what happens.