Crazy post card – even pictures need context


Ok, so this is a old vintage crazy graphic.  Not sure what to make of it. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes its just a few WORDS that really shed light to the context.

Here are some captions that change the thought:

“i wish this babysitter would go home”

“don’t move, let me shoot that fly off your shoulder”

“there’s a really scary man behind you wanting to steal your rasta hat, i gotchya back”

any more???

The Graphics Experience

With Experience design being the popular next thing in design, here’s some fun stuff from the world of graphics. Can graphics alone change and enhance the consumer “experience”? It certainly has a big play on our emotions, it can make you smile, feel sick, get angry…so I would say yes it does. Graphic designers, get on the experience design bandwagon. (maybe you already are!)

This bag looks like it could hurt. Great concept for this nail biter product, whatever it is.

YKM is a department store equivalent based in Turkey. They sell home furnishings/appliances and clothing. I imagine they have a line of athletic wear.

With all the homeland securtiy going on, dont go to the bank or any government agency with this one!

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